What's It Going to be then, Eh?
Thu 19 Mar 2020
I've never quite gotten the hang of thursdays
Workout:40 mins Bike

Read the story the other day about the bottom dropping out on the lobster market. It got me to thinking about how deep this can go in our country. I am unsure that we have the infrastructure or willingness to deal with the long term fall out of this. The economic issues alone are going to be opaque and counter-intuitive. That will make it difficult to argue for measures to combat the problems.

The mass unemployment will be easy to understand. The effects of that will be crazy hard to explain.

Wed 18 Mar 2020
Day 8 of WFH
Workout:40 Min Bike

Trying to make sure I workout everyday and still shower and get dressed. I think a routine will be helpful. Seems like there will be many more weeks of this. Exciting!

Tue 17 Mar 2020
Workout:40 mins bike

criminy it's been a long time since I have blogged. Not sure this will work actually. I think work blocks it. but hey lets find out

Tue 10 Apr 2018
Back in the groove
Workout:30 Minutes Treadmill

happy that after all the vacation food and birthday cheesecake that the scale was kind. Didn't run today just walked at 3.5 on the treadmill. You have to ease back into these things.

Tue 27 Mar 2018
Sunny Tuesday
Workout:30 Minutes Treadmill

My ankle was hurting a bit so I stopped running during the second interval. I think I might do the X-trainer tomorrow in stead.

Mon 26 Mar 2018
5 to go
Workout:30 Minutes Treadmill

Run 3 wald 5 X 3. Scale is mean i don't like that scale anymore. I kicked it. Now my toe hurts. Stupid scale.

Fri 23 Mar 2018
Lightning Friday
Workout:20 Minutes Treadmill

Almost didn't get up in time for the gym today. Pretty happy I was still able to drag myself out of bed and get there.

So I made a suggestion at work that we do lightning talks one friday a month. Some people thought it was a neat-o idea. And now we are having them. Today! Somehow I have to talk at this. In front of people. Oh dear. oh dear....

Thu 22 Mar 2018
Rain Rain Rain
Workout:30 Minutes Treadmill

Walked some ran some. Could have run more but I was trying to read the 4DX book at the same time. It's hard to read and run at the same time.

Wed 21 Mar 2018
Damp Wednesday
Workout:30 Minutes Treadmill

made it up and out to the gym today. Didn't run much but am happy to have made it up and out there.

Tue 20 Mar 2018
Long Time ago
Workout:20 Minutes Treadmill

Almost missed the gym again today but managed to drag myself out of bed and get there. We'll see if I can do it again tomorrow.