What's It Going to be then, Eh?
Fri 03 Feb 2023
Back At it

Didn't make it to the gym this morning but have been back at the Elliptical this week.

It's been a pretty rough week actually. Layoffs at work. And while not as drastic as at other companies still kinda unsettling. This seems to have been something that could have been avoided. It definitely could have been handled quite a bit better than it was.

The official reasons given don't actually pass the sniff test. Leads to some bad feelings from employees, and a broken trust. That isn't going to get fixed any time soon. I expect there to be some longer term repercussions from the move. Sadly, they will just call it "Quiet Quitting" and not recognize it for the giant fuck up that it was. Would love to see the results of this weeks Peakon Employee Surveys. I'm sure they are full of some great insights. This is the first time that I considered joining Blind for the current employer to see what people were saying. I just don't think I could take that amount of negativity.

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